Welcome to the Amassian Group!

Prof. Aram Amassian

The Amassian Group seeks to enable fundamental and applied breakthroughs in organic and hybrid materials, their energy harvesting devices, and transformative manufacturing to help address the grand challenge of climate change.

Our research is focused on accelerating knowledge development and breakthroughs in emerging solution-processed energy materials and solar energy devices that can be fabricated using ultra-low-cost, scalable, and sustainable high-throughput manufacturing approaches that will enable mass deployment of sustainable technologies that will meet the moment.

Our students are trained experts in all aspects of ink-based additive manufacturing, development and use of state-of-the-art in situ characterization methods, and deployment of robotic experimentation platforms to accelerate the pace of innovation. Our research is performed in a state-of-the-art Ambient Manufacturing of Electronics (AME) laboratory, part of the interdisciplinary Organic and Carbon Electronics Laboratories (ORaCEL), and involves activities in fundamental research, applied and use-based research, and involves translational and entrepreneurial activities.

NC State Carbon Cluster

The AME lab is an inclusive environment that seeks to encourage the participation of students from all backgrounds and seeks to provide an environment where researchers with disabilities are empowered to perform “hands-on” research with the help of robotics and automation.

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