Sculpting and Scanning

A collaboration between Blake Kennedy of the Clay Studio and Jacob Jones of the Material Science and Engineering Department for an Envisioning Research contest is a further example of the connections between STEM and the arts at NC State.

Researchers Demonstrate New Way to ‘Squeeze’ Infrared Light

A research team including Profs Liu and Xu have for the first time demonstrated that a specific class of oxide membranes can confine, or “squeeze,” infrared light – a finding that holds promise for next generation infrared imaging technologies. The thin-film membranes confine infrared light far better than bulk crystals, which are the established technology for infrared light confinement.

Martin Seifrid Wins Scialog Funding for Automated Laboratories

A research team including Assistant Professor Martin Seifrid was awarded $60,000 with 6 other teams by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement in the first year of Scialog: Automating Chemical Laboratories, a three-year initiative that aims to accelerate innovation and broaden access within the chemical enterprise through advances in automated instrumentation and artificial intelligence.

Oralkan, Augustyn receive Alcoa research awards

Omer Oralkan, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Veronica Augustyn, associate professor and Jake & Jennifer Hooks Distinguished Scholar in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, have been honored for their research work by NC State’s College of Engineering with Alcoa Foundation Awards.

Tori Crunkleton: Pioneering Paths in Materials Science and Engineering

As Tori Crunkleton prepares to don her graduation cap in May at NC State’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), her journey is a testament to curiosity, versatility, and a passion for pushing boundaries. Hailing from Edgemere, MD, and later Wilmington, NC, Tori’s path to MSE was a deliberate shift fueled by a quest for fundamental understanding and limitless possibilities. 

Congratulations MSE Graduates!

On Friday, May 3, 2024, the department holds its spring recognition of the graduates in the Hunt Library Auditorium. The 67 conferred degrees comprise 25 undergraduates, 22 graduate students, and 20 doctoral candidates.

Former engineering department head named as CU Boulder chancellor

A former faculty member and department head in the College of Engineering at NC State has been named the chancellor of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Justin Schwartz will assume his new role on July 1, leaving his current position as executive vice president and provost at Pennsylvania State University.

CHIPS Funding Fuels Two New Initiatives Backed by NC State

With nearly $50 million through the CHIPS and Science Act, our university will lead a regional innovation hub focused on wide bandgap semiconductors, called CLAWS, and also play a key role in the North Carolina Textile Innovation and Sustainability Engine, one of the first-ever NSF Regional Innovation Engines.