Welcome to the SMMT Group!

Welcome to the SMMT Group! We focus on functional soft matter, surface/interface thermodynamics, metastable materials for manufacturing/technology development, and experiential learning. 

Our group works on creative solutions to complex problems. We successfully developed low temperature solders, that was successfully translated and is now part of indium corporation. Other areas of interest include microelectronics, multi-stimuli hierarchical sensors, semi-crystalline materials, complex particle systems, recycling and sustainability, and low cost health care solutions. We are interested in partnering with open minded scientists who are willing to step out of their comfort zone to solve challenging problems. Prof. Thuo is an advocate for cognitive broad teams and is always looking for an alternative frugal approach to solve a challenge.

We are excited to be part of the NSF-STC Center for Complex Particle Systems (COMPASS)!

We are always looking for talented and motivated graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to join the group. For interested applicants, please email a copy of your CV to Prof. Thuo