Prof. Martin Mwangi  Thuo

(Gikuyu: Thuo wa Mwangi)

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Previously: Schafer 2050 associate Professor (2020-2022), assistant Professor (2014-2020) at Iowa State University

Twitter: (at) mmthuo, email: mthuo (at)

Valerie W. Batta

Valerie joins us to support outreach and engagement efforts at the Center for Complex Particle Systems (COMPASS).

Dr. Andrew Martin

Andrew received his B.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Iowa State University, where he developed a surface-driven understanding of metastable state in metal alloys. After graduating in 2020, he went to Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory to work in the Thermal Energy Group on Thermochemical Materials for Heat Storage. Andrew is currently a postdoc working on the topic of engineering energy landscape in materials through metastable states.

Dr. Julia J. Chang

Julia received her BS in chemical engineering from China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing (CUMTB), China and a PhD in materials science and engineering from Iowa State University. She was a postdoctoral fellow at Fudan University before joining the SMMT group. Her work is geared towards directed self-organization of synthons for development of neoteric computing platforms.

Alana Pauls

Alana graduated with a bachelors in materials engineering from Iowa State University. As an undergraduate student, she worked on engineering size polydispersity in undercooled metal particles. As a PhD candidate, she is exploring light-matter interactions as a pathway to engineering the energy landscape of a material. She is interested in interdisciplinary research across material classes to provide comprehensive technology solutions.

Dhanush U. Jamadgni

Dhanush is a  PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering. He graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from India in 2020. He is currently working on developing a generalized model to understanding granular materials with potential applications in multi-stimuli materials processing, granular flow, and associated lubricants.

Daisy Kiptoo

Daisy joins as a PhD student in computer Engineering. She holds a BS in computer science and has worked on various efforts in application of AI/ML. She is working on application of complex particle systems in information science.

Lianett Pineda is a first year graduate student interested in sustainable materials.
Eva Boyce

I’m a student in materials science and engineering department, I’m interested in low-energy engineering of material states. I’m currently focusing on undercooled metal particles.

Patrick Moran

Patrick is studying material science and engineering. He is primarily investigating the application of undercooled metals in 3D printing on human tissue, with an interested in materials for biomedical applications.

Ashley Reyes

Ashley is a biomedical engineering student. She is interested in biomedical devices.