Dr. Ian Tevis Metastable core-shell particles

Transition: CEO, Safi-Tech (part of Indium Corporation since 2022)

Dr. Zhengjia (Scarlett) Wang Project: odd-even effect in self-assembled monolayers (developed the ‘Scarlett quadrant’)

Transition: Virginia Tech, Current: Saint-Gobain

Dr. Chris Frankiewicz Project: Mechano-chemical recycling

Transition: CEO, Sep-all Current: unknown

Graduate Students:

Stephanie Oyola-Reynoso, PhD Thesis: Biomimetic Amphi-phobic Surfaces

Transition: Postdoc, Harvard University   Current: IBM

Jiahao Chen, PhD Thesis: Odd-even Effect in Molecular Electronics

Transition: Postdoc, Northwester University,   Current: Intel

Boyce Chang, PhD Thesis: Non-Traditional Polymer Synthesis

Transition: Postdoc, UC Berkeley   Current: Professor, Iowa State University

Joel Cutinho, MS Thesis: Thermo-Oxidative Composition Inversion

Transition: Silicon valley Current: unknown

Andrew Martin, PhD Thesis: Thermodynamics of metastable liquid metals

Transition: Postdoc, UC Berkeley/LBNL   Current: NC State

Paul Gregory, PhD Thesis: Biocompatible Solid Lubricants

Transition: Iowa State University Patent office

Chuanshen Du, PhD Thesis: Application of Statistics in Molecular Systems

Transition: Postdoc, Univ. British Columbia

Souvik Barnejee, PhD Thesis: Surface-Driven Material engineering

Transition: Scientist, Intel

Julia Chang, PhD Thesis: Liquid Metal Derived Self-Assembled Structures

Transition: Postdoc, Fudan University Current: NC State

Zizhi Zhuang, MS Thesis: Metadata Driven re-Interpretation of Tunneling Data

Transition: Sunique International